Genuine Car Charger Adapter Cable Type E+F CEE 7/7 8A FR FIN 61 90 5 A13 8C6


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Product Details
61 90 5 A13 8C6
0.00 KGS
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Car Model:
2 Series
61 90 5 A13 8C6
Trim Level:
Active Tourer F45/U06
2 Years

Product Description

Article Number: 61905A138C6

BMW Technical Info

Represented by part number 10 in the diagram.

MPNSeriesChassisBody TypeModelEngineProduction CodeProduction Year FromProduction Year ToVersion
61905A138C62 SeriesU06 Active TourerActive Tourer225eXB38X---ECE
61905A138C62 SeriesU06 Active TourerActive Tourer230eXB38X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon320eB46X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon320eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon330eB46X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon330eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon330eB48X---MYS
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon330eB48X---THA
61905A138C63 SeriesG20Saloon330eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon320eB46X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon320eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon330eB46X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon330eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon330eB48X---MYS
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon330eB48X---THA
61905A138C63 SeriesG20 LCISaloon330eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21320eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21330eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21330eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21Touring320eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21 LCITouring320eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21 LCITouring320eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21 LCITouring330eB48X---ECE
61905A138C63 SeriesG21 LCITouring330eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG30 LCISaloon520eB48X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG30 LCISaloon530eB46X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG30 LCISaloon530eB48X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG30 LCISaloon530eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG30 LCISaloon545eXB58X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG31 LCITouring520eB48X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG31 LCITouring530eB48X---ECE
61905A138C65 SeriesG31 LCITouring530eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C67 SeriesG70Saloon750eXB58X---ECE
61905A138C67 SeriesG70Saloon750eXB58X---MYS
61905A138C67 SeriesG70Saloon750eXB58X---THA
61905A138C67 SeriesG70Salooni7 eDrive50HA0---ECE
61905A138C67 SeriesG70SaloonM760eXB58X---ECE
61905A138C67 SeriesG70SaloonM760eXB58X---THA
61905A138C6i3 35L/40L G28 BEVSalooni3 eDrive35LHA0---ECE
61905A138C6i3 35L/40L G28 BEVSalooni3 eDrive40LHA0---ECE
61905A138C6i4 G26 Gran Coup?Gran Coup?i4 eDrive35HA0---ECE
61905A138C6i4 G26 Gran Coup?Gran Coup?i4 eDrive40HA0---ECE
61905A138C6i4 G26 Gran Coup?Gran Coup?i4 M50XE2---ECE
61905A138C6iX3 G08 BEVSAViX3HA0---ECE
61905A138C6iX3 G08 BEV LCISAViX3 M SportHA0---ECE
61905A138C6X1 F48 LCISAVX1 25eXB38X---ECE
61905A138C6X2 F39SACX2 25eXB38X---ECE
61905A138C6X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB48X---MYS
61905A138C6X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB48X---THA
61905A138C6X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB46X---ECE
61905A138C6X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---ECE
61905A138C6X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---MYS
61905A138C6X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---THA

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