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M carbon fibre ceramic brake system

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Extremely durable. Extremely fading resistant. Extremely lightweight and agile: The carbon-fibre ceramic M brake system provides breathtaking performance – both on the road and on the racetrack. The carbon-fibre compound ceramic is extremely long-lasting and corrosion resistant. The visual highlight of the brake system: The brake callipers in matt gold with M logo.

Benefits of the M carbon fibre ceramic brake system at a glance:
  • 60 percent reduction in weight in comparison with traditional brake discs
  • precisely controlled braking
  • brake callipers with the M logo in matt gold
  • long-lasting and resistant to corrosion

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is for installation by trained technicians and not by an end user. Installation must be performed exclusively by a specialist workshop. Your local BMW Centre will be able to assist with installation. Damage to any part due to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.

Delivery Overview:

  • 4 M Performance brake discs, left and right, front and rear.
  • 4 Brake calipers, left and right, front and rear.
  • 2 Braking plates, left and right.
  • 2 Protective plates, left and right.
  • 2 Brake pad wear indicators, front and rear.
  • 1 Repair kit brake servo.
  • 1 Repair kits brake pad, asbestos-free.
  • 2 Protective plates, left and right.
  • 1 Lid cover wheel arche.
  • Installation material.


  • Brake discs: Carbon fibre reinforced ceramic silicon carbide composite.

Additional Information:

Safety note:

  • Installation is performed as per BMW repair instructions.
  • Please inform the customer about the information in the vehicle's owner's manual. The vehicle must be run in carefully during the first 200 km after the brake system has been installed!
  • After the run-in time, the braking system will have reached its full effectiveness. In view of the design feature of the Carbon Ceramic brake, function-related noise can be generated during braking that has absolutely no impact on the stability of the brake discs!

Technical Information:

  • Weight reduction approx. 13.5 kilograms.
  • A new type of carbon fibre composite ceramic.
  • Only for use with 19” alloy wheels (also for winter tyres).

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