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LED fog lights with cornering lights

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Article Number: 63132358310

The LED fog lights distribute their illumination more widely on the road ahead and decrease the glare caused by fog, snow or rain. When the indicators are activated or the steering wheel is turned, they are automatically activated when the car turns and provide additional illumination to the section of the road next to the vehicle.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is for installation by trained technicians and not by an end user. Installation must be performed exclusively by a specialist workshop. Your local BMW Centre will be able to assist with installation. Damage to any part due to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.

Delivery Overview:

  • 2 LED fog lights, left and right.
  • 1 Control electronics.
  • 1 Electronic fanfare horn with mount.
  • Installing material.

Additional Information:

Technical Information:

  • The turning light function is activated by using the indicator and/or via the steering angle. No additional switch has to be
  • activated.
  • The turning light is only activated at speeds below 40 km/h. In the USA, the limit is below 70 km/h. After driving through
  • the curve, the dimmer gently brings down the light level until it goes out entirely.
  • The turning light also offers added safety while driving in reverse: When the reverse gear is engaged, both turning lights switch on and illuminate large areas next to the car.
  • The control electronics recognises driving situations and triggers the headlights as a turning light according to the BMW logics.

Technical Data:

  • Electrical power / rated power (power specification) 8.5 watts per LED fog light.

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