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BMW Natural Air refill kit, Purifying Green Tea

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Article Number: 83122285674

The Purifying Green Tea fragrance has a subtle, fruity-fresh note. The essential properties of green tea and musk are said to have a balancing effect. The BMW Natural Air refill kit for the fragrance holder consists of three sticks with the Purifying Green Tea scent.

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 Refill kit interior fragrance, consists of:
  • 3 Scent sticks.


  • All created fragrances contain natural ingredientssuch as essential oils which harmonise beautifully with each other and which have been tested to make sure they are non-irritant to skin.

Additional Information:

Technical Information:

  • No leaks,as the scent stick contains no liquids.


  • Purifying Green Tea.

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