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BMW battery charger

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Article Number: 61432408593

The battery charging device is suitable for the maintenance charging of 1.2 ampere hours (Ah) to 160 ampere hours (Ah), and for the optimised charging of 12-volt AGM batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. This means that it can be used for all BMW, BMW M and MINI vehicles. A special adapter and separate motorcycle charging programme also makes it usable for BMW motorcycles – conveniently, and without removing the battery. The charging device offers a completely automatic eight-level charging process, which can also charge deeply discharged batteries with the correct voltage and charge current. It also features effective protection against sparks, short circuits, and reversal of charge, as well as dust and splashes of water (IP65). The device stands out for its simplicity of operation, and it features a status display that can be monitored throughout the entire charging process.

Benefits of the BMW battery charger at a glance:
  • fully automatic, eight-level charging
  • also suitable for motorcycles (avoids removing battery in winter)
  • easy to use, effortless connection, includes plug
  • desulphation technology increases battery life and power
  • no sparks, protected against short circuits and charge reversals

Delivery Overview:

  • 1 Battery charger.
  • 2 Comfort Connect battery terminals.
  • Nylon bag.
  • Operating instructions.

Additional Information:

Technical Information:

  • Suitable for all 12 Volt AGM, lead-acid batteries and lithium ion batteries.

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