Genuine Trailer Tow Hitch Electric Additional Parts Retrofit Kit 71 60 2 458 026


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71 60 2 458 026
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Car Model:
X Models
71 60 2 458 026
Trim Level:
X3 E83/F25/G01
2 Years

Product Description

Article Number: 71602458026

BMW Technical Info

Represented by part number 2 in the diagram.


Various trim panels must be replaced, refer to EPC for these. (see reference picture panel) It may be necessary to replace the "fan cowl with fan". If a "fan cowl with fan" is reported in the diagram panel in main group 17 for the trailer tow hitch optional extra, this part number must also be ordered and fitted. If no part number is reported for the trailer tow hitch optional extra, the "fan cowl with fan" does not have to be replaced. If changing the fan, consult the picture panel in EPC for the corresponding module and power distribution box. In some engine versions it may be necessary to exchange the heat insulation. With SA715 the rear trim panel does not have to be exchanged. Important: The installation instructions are not included in the retrofit kit. The latest installation instructions must be printed from the Electronic Parts Catalogue and given to the customer. If the "Fan cowl with fan" does not need to be exchanged, the "Electric fan repair cable set" does not have to be ordered in conjunction either.
See also:
51_6380 Heat insulation
51_7353 Underfloor coating
51_6718 Trim panel, rear
61_5682 Battery cable

Trailer tow hitch, electrically pivoted

Special Equipment:

No = 08SL Trailer coupling preparation
Only in combination with:
-- Battery lead positive, underfloor 61 12 6839825
-- Comb type connector (17 pol. / M6) 61 13 8353739
-- Control unit, trailer tow hitch 63 11 5A056C9
-- Flat contact, fan connector (1,5-2,5 mm?) 61 13 1387144
-- Insulation housing, fan connector (17 pol.) 61 13 8364551
-- Power distribution box, LIN module 61 35 8795478
-- Power distribution box, rear 61 14 6828074
-- Repair cable set, electric fan (850W- 1000W) 61 11 8723924

MPNSeriesChassisBody TypeModelEngineProduction CodeProduction Year FromProduction Year ToVersion
71602458026iX3 G08 BEVSAViX3HA0---ECE
71602458026iX3 G08 BEV LCISAViX3 M SportHA0---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 18dB47---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 18dB47B---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---IND
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---MYS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---RUS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---THA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47D---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47D---IND
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20dXXD5O---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48---IDN
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48C---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48C---IDN
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48C---MYS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB46D---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---BRA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---IDN
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---RUS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---THA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48C---BRA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48C---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 25dXB47---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30dXB57---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30dXB57---RUS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30dXB57P---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB46X---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB48X---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---BRA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---EGY
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---IND
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---MYS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---RUS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---BRA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---EGY
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---IDN
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---IND
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---MYS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---RUS
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40dXB57---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40dXB57R---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---BRA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---EGY
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---BRA
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---ECE
71602458026X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---EGY
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 18dB47B---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 18dB47O---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47D---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47O---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---IDN
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---MYS
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iXB48C---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30dXB57O---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30dXB57P---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---MYS
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---IDN
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40dXB57R---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40dXB57T---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40iXB58C---ECE
71602458026X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40iXB58D---ECE
71602458026X3 M F97SAVX3 MS58---ECE
71602458026X3 M F97 LCISAVX3 MS58T---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---IND
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---MYS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---RUS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47D---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47D---IND
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20dXXD5O---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20iXB46D---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20iXB48---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20iXB48---RUS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 20iXB48C---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 25dXB47---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57---IND
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57---RUS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57P---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---BRA
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---EGY
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---IND
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---MYS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---RUS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---BRA
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---EGY
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---IND
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---MYS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---RUS
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 M40dXB57---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 M40dXB57R---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58---BRA
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58---ECE
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58D---BRA
71602458026X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58D---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 20dXB47D---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 20dXB47O---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 20iXB48C---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 30dXB57O---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 30dXB57P---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB46D---BRA
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB48D---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40dXB57R---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40dXB57T---ECE
71602458026X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40iXB58D---ECE
71602458026X4 M F98SACX4 MS58---ECE

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