Genuine 19" Wheel Rim Light Alloy Ferric Grey 7.5Jx19 ET:32 36 11 6 877 326


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Product Details
36 11 6 877 326
13.75 KGS
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36 11 6 877 326
2 Years
Car Model:
X Models
Trim Level:
X3 G01 SAV

Product Description

Article Number: 36116877326

BMW Technical Info

Represented by part number 2 in the diagram.


Note: Only for vehicles with approval as per EG-BE. The selected wheel/tyre combination is possibly entry-relevant. Please check in the vehicle CoC whether the wheel/tyre combination is entered. If this is not the case, a subsequent national approval may be necessary on a country-specific basis!!

Special Equipment:

Yes = 025X 19" light-alloy wheel V-spoke 692
Yes = 025Y 19" light-al.wheel V-spoke 692 emerg.op.

MPNSeriesChassisBody TypeModelEngineProduction CodeProduction Year FromProduction Year ToVersion
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 18dB47---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 18dB47B---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---IND
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---MYS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---RUS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47---THA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXB47D---IND
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20dXXD5O---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48---IDN
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48C---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48C---IDN
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iB48C---MYS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20i 1.6B48---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB46D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---BRA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---IDN
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---RUS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48---THA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48C---BRA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 20iXB48C---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 25dXB47---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30dXB57---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30dXB57---RUS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30dXB57P---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB46X---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB46X---USA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB48X---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB48X---MYS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30eXB48X---THA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iB46---USA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iB46D---USA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB46---USA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB46D---USA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---BRA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---EGY
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---IND
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---MYS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48---RUS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---BRA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---EGY
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---IDN
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---IND
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---MYS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 30iXB48D---RUS
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40dXB57---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40dXB57R---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---BRA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---EGY
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58---USA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---BRA
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---EGY
36116877326X3 G01SAVX3 M40iXB58D---USA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 18dB47B---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 18dB47O---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47D---IND
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47O---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47O---MYS
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20dXB47O---THA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---IDN
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---MYS
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iB48C---VNM
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20i 1.6B48M---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iXB46D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 20iXB48C---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30dXB57O---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30dXB57P---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB46X---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB46X---USA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---MYS
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30eXB48X---THA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iB46D---USA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB46D---USA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---IDN
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---IND
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---MYS
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 30iXB48D---VNM
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40dXB57R---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40dXB57T---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40iXB58D---BRA
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40iXB58D---ECE
36116877326X3 G01 LCISAVX3 M40iXB58D---USA
36116877326X3 G08SAVX3 25iXB48---CHN
36116877326X3 G08SAVX3 25iXB48C---CHN
36116877326X3 G08SAVX3 28iXB48---CHN
36116877326X3 G08SAVX3 28iXB48D---CHN
36116877326X3 G08SAVX3 30iXB48---CHN
36116877326X3 G08SAVX3 30iXB48D---CHN
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---IND
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---MYS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47---RUS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXB47D---IND
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20dXXD5O---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20iXB46D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20iXB48---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20iXB48---RUS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 20iXB48C---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 25dXB47---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57---IND
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57---RUS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30dXB57P---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB46---USA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB46D---USA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---BRA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---EGY
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---IND
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---MYS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48---RUS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---BRA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---EGY
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---IND
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---MYS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 30iXB48D---RUS
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40dXB57---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40dXB57R---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58---BRA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58---USA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58D---BRA
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02SACX4 M40iXB58D---USA
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 20dXB47D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 20dXB47O---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 20dXB47O---MYS
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 20iXB46D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 20iXB48C---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30dXB57O---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30dXB57O---IND
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30dXB57P---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB46D---BRA
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB46D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB46D---USA
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB48D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB48D---IND
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 30iXB48D---MYS
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40dXB57R---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40dXB57T---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40iXB58D---BRA
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40iXB58D---ECE
36116877326X4 G02 LCISACX4 M40iXB58D---USA

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